ORGATEC 2022, Cologne

Office environments and layouts are having to adapt to organisational changes with increasing frequency. We were at ORGATEC in Cologne to demonstrate just how customised and versatile modern work concepts can be with our flexible wall and room systems. Our booth, based on a pop-up design, brought these options to life. The central marketplace – a space where our many visitors came together to interact – was surrounded by various rooms, each one catering to different requirements relating to function and form. If you’re wondering what will happen to the displayed exhibits now that the trade fair is over, then don’t worry – they won’t be left to gather dust in storage or thrown away. Most of them will actually be reused in current and future projects. In other words: flexibility and sustainability by Strähle.


Some of the structures were deliberately opened up so that visitors could see for themselves how modular and mobile the systems are. The new world of work is increasing the demand for quieter areas that people can retreat to when they need to focus on their work, have a meeting or join a video conference. In order to meet this demand and complement its existing range of individually configurable Kubus systems, Strähle now offers new room-in-room systems, and they made their first-ever appearance in Cologne. The TEAMBOX product line consists of a limited number of preconfigured elements, meaning that delivery times are short and boxes can be installed and dismantled again in just a few hours. The technical performance of the boxes is second to none with their innovative flush-mounted structural glazing and excellent soundproofing. This makes them ideal for pop-up office space as well as permanent offices that still need to move with the times.


Thanks for visiting us at ORGATEC!

Partition wall system System 2000, 2300, 3500
Room-in-Room-System TEAMBOX TB.1, TB.2, Kubus II
Photograph Huber Fotodesign

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