Credion, Neuer Wall Hamburg

In early 2022, CREDION AG moved to its new home in a prime Hamburg location. Covering around 300 m², it has since become as much a home as an office. As the brief was a shared home and office for colleagues, sbp worked with CREDION to design a concept tailored to how its employees work and what they need to be able to communicate successfully. The result is a modern multi-space solution that not only meets current requirements, but is also flexible enough to accommodate and support future developments and potential growth.


Strähle's 3400 and 3500 partition wall systems were used to create open and versatile zones, along with multifunctional options for when privacy is required. Curved glass walls add dynamism to the spaces, while black profiles create an exciting contrast with the cosy materials and colours. The open space zone houses the individually arranged workstations that have acoustic shielding to provide a high level of privacy and allow users to concentrate on their work. Given the more stringent requirements for sound insulation, the double-glazed 3500 system without vertical posts was used.


Builder Credion AG
Architect spb seel bobsin partner
Photograph Knockedesign
Partition wall 3400, 3500

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